Places of Interest

Places of interest/ tourist places:

There are so many places of religious, natural & cultural importance in the district, among them some are as follows:

  1. Chhuriya mata temple, Mohla– chhuriya mata is considered as protector & Goddess of the village. There are two temples, the first one is on top of the hill & the second one is one lower portion of the hill. In navratri periods, it has special attractions, people come here from very far places.
  2. Shivlok, manpur: there is famous shiv temple on top of the hill, every year Mahashivratri festival fair is organised here.
  3. Amba devi temple, ramnagar chowki: In the region people have special gratitude towards amba devi. In navratri periods, devotees come here from very far places.
  4. Mongra barrage, ambagarh chowki: this barrage was built on chhattisgarh’s lifeline river i.e. Shivnath. It is surrounded by lush green beautiful hills. People usually like this place for picnic.
  5. Suspension bridge, Kandari: this bridge has unique identity for its state of the art structure.
  6. Third nallah, dhobedand: during rainy season, a beautiful waterfall created by the nallah, which attracts many tourists.